San FedeleThe Apple of Content. An Un-Sustainable Dinner, is a theatre performance about people’s worries about food safety, beginning with possible pesticide residues.

Heritage House Reputation Architects promoted and coordinated the show, which aimed to talk openly about the prejudices that affect pesticides or, more correctly, crop protection products.

The performance sees four friends meeting for dinner and talking about the safety of what they are going to eat.

This is why the show made its debut at Milan EXPO2015, where the subject of the exposition was Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life.

The show, also through many jokes, aimed to help consumers think about the role of science in feeding a fast-growing world population.

At same time it wanted to underline how safe crop protection products are the result of huge investments in R&D and a strict EU set of rules.

It was an excellent opportunity also to involve the media and institutions who enjoyed the performance and attended the round table after the show.

Now we have proof that acting can be a very effective way to stimulate an open debate on controversial issues.