Corporate Social Reponsibility

From Corporate Social Responsibility to Business in Society: companies today increasingly put themselves forward as actors, promoters and drivers of social innovation in their countries.

Today, citizens, institutions, the media and stakeholders in general demand that companies’ behaviour is inspired by models of sustainable development. Heritage House boasts specific expertise in this area, which activates the company's internal resources and is able to create valuable relationships with the world of the third sector. We support top management in the development of projects on sustainability, environmental and social issues. We create an accompanying path that makes it possible to share these choices with company staff, including international teams, through workshops, assessments and intergenerational projects on new ideas of sustainability, involving people as ambassadors in the story of the company's commitment.

Through  ArchitEtica, the laboratory originating from a partnership with the think tank Aggiornamenti Sociali, we aim to promote dialogue between the business world, institutions and the third sector, based on shared values.

  • Communication strategy
  • Media relations
  • Co-creative workshops
  • Creation of Ambassador programs
  • Workshops with the third sector
  • Participation in institutional events on CSR

Some of our Corporate Social Responsibility projects



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