Industry Intelligence

Understanding and promptly responding to the changes in the sensitivity of the media and public opinion as they occur make it possible to evaluate opportunities and risks immediately, so as to consciously guide a company’s business choices.

In a highly interconnected world, where new consumption trends and thought patterns emerge, spread and change at great speed, it is increasingly important for companies to be able to monitor and intercept changes in public opinion as they arise.

At Heritage House we put together Industry & Reputation Intelligence projects based on the specific needs of customers and we are able to implement them both nationally and internationally, thanks to the collaboration of the partner agencies of the PROI network. These surveys can have different objectives, including monitoring and analysing the main market trends; the perception of sectors and industrial sectors; product categories; identifying key opinion leaders and sector influencers; defining the positioning of a company and its brands, and assessing their reputation, using tools such as media analysis, traditional and digital, and targeted OLs audits.

  • Web listening
  • Media analysis and media audit
  • Key Opinion Leaders audit
  • Research using scientific databases
  • International media boards
  • Scientific reports

For reasons of confidentiality we cannot share this type of project

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