Lifescience Communication

The great socio-economic transformations that have taken place in recent decades at a global level have led to the definition of the current scenario, in which the Healthcare sector is facing completely new challenges and opportunities.

Medical science appears to be in check in the face of public opinion increasingly sensitive to the sirens of false myths, the reputation of the sector is often questioned, the pressing technological progress and digital health are factors that accelerate innovation and Finally, the evolution of the sector, the recent pandemic and its consequences on a global level require a speed of reaction and an ability to adapt never before known. In this scenario, communication in the HC field, which has always been particularly complex and highly regulated, has now become even more challenging and requires in-depth knowledge and specific skills.

Our experience in this area, also developed at an international level, allows us to professionally design and manage communication plans to support the launch of new products, both OTC and ethical; public awareness campaigns on the disease (Disease Awareness Campaign); intelligence activities on perceived pathologies in the pre-marketing phase (analysis of the KOL attitude / media / patient associations / public opinion - web sentiment); consultancy in the nutritional / claim area supplements; relations with scientific opinion leaders (management of scientific committees and consensus papers); relations with scientific societies and patient associations; activities in the congress field (NO ECM), such as organizations of round tables and organization of scientific lectures / symposia.

  • Communication strategies
  • Media Relations in Italy
  • International media relations
  • International PR Hubs management
  • Disease Awareness Campaigns
  • Communication in the HC field (ethics, OTC, medical devices, supplements)
  • Valuation of hospital complex assets

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