People Engagement

Companies today are faced with numerous factors of uncertainty and change, which originate both outside and inside the organization itself.
To manage this complexity effectively, it is necessary to activate a direct and conscious involvement of human resources, from management to workforce.

The rapid and continuous changes in the global scenario require flexibility and a constant ability to adapt organisational and business models never experienced before. To these external factors are added the generational change at the top of companies and the massive entry of new generations (from millennials to gen Z), who have completely new expectations, needs and perspectives, which represent a potential that is still partially unexplored.

We support management in the definition of corporate coaching & employee engagement plans. These aim to consolidate the sharing of corporate values and storytelling among employees, to make them real ambassadors of the company. Also they involve management in discussion sessions on business development scenarios to give voice to different perspectives, generating potential new solutions and strengthening team spirit. Furthermore, work is done at the various company levels on the issues of leadership, active listening, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness as a prerequisite for a healthy relationship with others, thus offering ideas for personal and professional growth.

Inspired by the best international management schools, including Boston College and ESADE, we use mindfulness techniques with cues from the Zen tradition. We draw on the paths of awareness and active listening of the U Theory of prof. Otto Scharmer (Boston MIT), as well as experimenting with the “Giving Voice to Values” approach of Prof. Mary Gentile (Darden School of Business - Virgina University). In addition, we deepen our understanding of reality through the study of 500th century art masterpieces, and the great 800th century French masters and the oriental influences on them.

  • Business education oriented projects and events
  • Creation of corporate passports
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Work sessions inspired by U Theory
  • Multistakeholder meetings (virtual and offline)
  • Board meetings
  • Marketing and Sales meetings

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